On A Certain Morning (single)

by Andross

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released 01 October 2013
Side A has:
Tim Balch - Vox
Josh Hart - guitar
Jeff Cassel - guitar
Charley Birkhead - bass
Chris Fox - drums

Engineered/Mixed by Chris Fox
Mastered by Carson Slovak @AtriumAudio
Music by Andross
Lyrics by Tim Balch

Side B has:
Tim Balch - Vox / Guitar / tambourine

Engineered/Mixed by Joshua Mitchell @Everloft Studios
Music by Andross
Lyrics by Tim Balch



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Track Name: On A Certain Morning
Chances are I'll be gone
before you read this
before you read this on
Chances are...

You're running from a pit of fire
A burning crushing to admire
This jump is to my death and it's my time
but is it ever time if it's mine to know?

A guide if god is on our side
The mission is to find our keeper
spin the turning tide

A hand above the wreckage, I found them!
There's something in the water
Sent undertow

A morning has dawned, a morning has dawned
The wear you put on, the suit you put on

And now we'll kneel before the christening
but we were barely listening
like forty winks before I tire
a kiss before I expire
And now we'll kneel before the christening
but we were barely listening
disembodied for the sacrifice
I don't think I can win this fight

(Whose side are you on?
The ones that you love?)

You were in my dream when we were able to transcend
on the morning I awoke
Track Name: Children of a Lesser God
This song is for the authorities that be
that doesn't feel wrong to say anymore
The act itself I've learned is a mystery
within the lines in the company we keep
Late at night when I dream of swapping saliva
with a friend I know who just won't go home
she doesn't know what she wants I believe her
who can honestly say that they do
I must have broke eye contact at some point
still ashamed after all these years
It's hard to let go
It's hard to say
Demons in, demons at bay

on your health
on your family
tell me if I bend the truth
tell me when I bend the truth

I won't say a word

This song is for my long-lost best good friend
he was there and he helped me become a rock star
I almost lost him to distrust and drunk-driving
I think the world's a better place when he's here
These are the giants we know and I can't comprehend
when I wake up every day more confused than the last
and then, maybe we're meant to be forgetful

I won't say a word
I won't go any further