These Are The Giants We Know

by Andross

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These Are The Giants We Know is the second full-length album from Philadelphia-based punk rock band Andross.

Watch the music video for "It's Midnight and We're Home"


released August 12, 2014

All lyrics by Tim Balch
All songs written by Tim Balch, except for:
Track #6 written by Balch/Birkhead/Hart

All instruments/vocals performed by Tim Balch, except for:
2nd guitar on Track #6 by Joshua Hart
Additional vocals on Track #6 by Jill Hartman

Produced by Carson Slovak & Tim Balch
Engineered/Mastered by Carson Slovak @AtriumAudio in Lancaster, PA during the months of January thru June of 2014

Cover Art by Robert W. Walker



all rights reserved


Andross Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"Recidivist" May 2017

Tim - vox/guitar
Chris - guitar
Drew - bass
Tom - drums


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Track Name: Glass Elephant
you lie to get what you want from the people you know
you can try but it won't work
you can try but it won't work
you would like to remain the victim of some tragedy you cause
it's your own fault
don't forget that when you talk

well it's hard not to break when you're fragile
not to break character and act casual
(try not to be lonely, try not to be lonely)
well it's all in your mind when you think it's real
free yourself from yourself when you laugh it off

I still hold the gun
I think it's smoking for you...

I don't know why you've been trying to get under my skin
you can try but it won't work
you can try but it won't work
I've grown impervious to your rouse and your childishness
so be fruitful, you bastard, and mulitply
Track Name: It's Midnight and We're Home
Oh my, the moon is on fire
Up, up a little bit higher
Take it away, take it away
Whenever you feel like
I've given you too much power
Let me take it away

There are nights when the wolves are silent
and the moon howls
I can hear it now...

Oh my, look what I see
Come, Josephine, in my flying machine
Leading the way, leading the way
Whenever you feel like letting it go
Hold it closer
Don't throw it away

I can hear it now
Track Name: At Least Make Yourself Suspect
this is a clarion call for muscles, teeth, and failing eyes
an arising mental market to misapply and anesthetize
through the eyes of the one true maker
you would vow to see things clearer
you would love to expose the truth
and let the cloak keep wearing you
it's wearing you...

well c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
you know you gotta give me a name
known to verbalize or write this down on paper
c'mon, c'mon, c'mon
I know you know exactly who you blame
it's makeshift remorse
at least make yourself suspect

this is the final frame
a capping on the all-seeing eye
through the eyes of the one true maker
you would vow to see things clearer
you would dare to make things safer
let go on good behavior

I hope you remember the secret handshake
don't forget the secret handshake

It's here, the zero hour
time to order the new world
Track Name: Once A Capulet, Always A Capulet
I'm already stepping off the ledge of circumstance
and now I'm dying to know
will there ever be a place to mend this severance
in here or down and below?
I fear the worst to come
I'd hang here to stay close to the precipice
where I'll lay the weapons down
a tightrope of loose ends I tangle
I tangle, it tangles me up

I've come to spin a new web
and when it catches you, you'll feel loved
it tangles me up

Falling to the bottom, at the end towards the black
a home within the shadows if we're never coming back
and that's where I'll find you

The margins closed in on me
they crept up on me
they compromise on my composure

and that's where I could wait for you
Track Name: Praying, Making It Safe
I just can't believe what I just can't see
I'd hate to trouble you
but I'd love to trouble you
There's an uncertainty in the air that we breathe
There's one big question with no answer yet
But I'd love to ask you it...
(I'd love to ask you it)

When your train left town
when you wanted to go,
was it a silent sound?
I just wanted to know
who you put your hands together for
when you pray for me
I'd just like to thank you all
for the kind words you send
for your forgiveness
and the ear that you lend
I'll put my hands together for...

you made it safe for me
when it seemed too far
I'd hate to trouble you
but I'd love to trouble you
I hope you know I hold you in
the highest regard
you gave me everything
when I had nothing to return

Now, I just wonder how you are
wherever you are

I'd love to ask you this
I'd love to ask you this
(how you are, how you are, how you are...)
I'd love to ask you this
I'd love to...
Track Name: Narrate Me Down From Here
self incendiary dead-space
why and how the window breaks
on her horses riding onward
like needles through her grace
if by demons I be driven, this would lose all meaning
the murderer is alive in here
no exceptions needing

nothing seems to work...
selling fingers to the bone

so let's cut through the unknown without
the image of ourselves
on the horizon of a human
we've obscured what we live for

the hope of spring is overflowing
the hope of spring is over

upon our monument, our birthright
see where the cells implode
if it were me,
the parts would be immortal in a sea of sadness

(the beast of our war machine will stampede on
the color they hide, the whites in their eyes, the whites...)

If I'm supposed to read what's written underneath the soul
then a soul is all I need
Narrate me down from here
if you follow to where I lead
Track Name: Bulletcatcher
a step outside, I think you're first
courage like a lion's mane
these idle hands will stain the keys
I wonder how and when the creature strikes
Jesus uncrowned, torture's lament
plays the song that's in my head
where do I stand? and how tall?
and who are you to complete my solitude?

The marriage of cause and effect
truth means truth and consequence
when the planet dulls, a hero shines
graphic depiction division
swollen from the ranks
stolen from the military
the bombs and tanks
a simple complex a complex simple

I'm two at once...

You have the clear upper hand here
and I'm still holding fire
You should have kissed me to death
instead you shoot shoot shoot

I wanna jump in the way

are they waiting?
or is it just black?
are they waiting?
Track Name: There Goes Mr. Skinflint
for all we care, we've known for quite a while
something borrowed, something's missing in here
for all we are concerned for one another
the ruling class rules out the tower's tier
well Ticonderoga! I'm the narrow mind
well Ticonderoga! I've been narrow-minded
I'm the narrow mind...

I've been dying to reach you, to meet you one time
I've been watching you walk on the walls in a straight line
I know hundreds of names, epithets to describe you
I've been dying to meet you one time

There goes the ghost of common law...
there goes the one we cannot speak for...

Are you at all ready to welcome in the greatest mind of our time?
He shook the hands, he pleads the oath
and wears the finest suit we could find

Distribute the wealth
Track Name: Song of The South
the far-off hum in the distance is calm and it's coming
it must have struck a nerve within
I think we both had time and time again
before the baphomats say twofold
and poison the cup
I'd rather hear it from you
I'd really rather hear it from you

I can't say we ever have met
I can't say we ever have laid eyes
I'd hate to be so forgetful
I've never forgotten it...

It got me runnin', man
It got me runnin' south
It taught me nothing at all
when early comes the winter's bite

To be impervious to a proposed second-coming
is to swim alone at sea
thank heavens that's not for me

(things could worsen up)
You were right to disconnect
in the short time you were here
what was there really to profit?
did you feel the blame on top of your old skin?
were you grateful?
Track Name: These Are The Giants We Know
and there will be no justice for us
if we keep stepping on our dreams
if we leave the summer in good condition
and there will be a right time
and I will get there first
and I'm still determined in a narcissistic way
flood walls fill the room
I hope they're washing you away
just don't wander off
don't go wandering away
two years later
he returned with the law
and said that he was looking for the man who shot his paw

I found myself saying "who would stay here?"
but you made it clear

it's the sight of living angels dying secret deaths in the corner
and why hold up the heavens
if they're just meant to be taken by storm?

burn it down
take it by storm

finding little answers in the questions you neglect
Track Name: Have I Told You I'm On Fire?
I could elope with distaste for a fruitless demigod
wronged by the world in the short sense
emboldened by the long of it
I could annul how the blood dries and justify it all
burn with a fire to tell
man the ramparts
how we loved you

now I'm haunted...

trembling slight of hand
you're a shrieking heart of gold
stretched out your wrinkled smile
you're a tailor-made of honor
"here's to the coin that fit through
I feel it being placed
face-down at a view
just more silver and gold to lie in the ground"

I wouldn't shake your hand
and you know I wouldn't miss it
you've been so abusive
but no one needs to know
"His judgement cometh and that right soon"
walk among us when you raise the dead

where is your ruthlessness?
(hold your head until it's comfortable,
hold your rituals accountable)

creatures in decay
no predators and no prey
we may not be anything